Places To Visit In Hurghada

Hurghada is one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt and the world. It lies on the Red Sea. Here, we will tell you about most fantastic places you shoud visit when you come to Hurghada.

Generally it is important to know that the stores located within the hotels have higher prices than outside because the shop rents here are simply much higher than in the city and thus more profit needs to be made . It is also worthwhile to compare prices , so do not buy the first time you see something you like, but ask in several stores for the price of the product . Since there are many stores that offer the same product group , the choice in this regard is huge.

If you want to know the original , oriental side of Hurghada it can be found for example in the vegetable market or the tourist bazaar in Dahar.

The five most popular shopping districts of Hurghada

  • Hurghada Marina
  • Mamsha promenade
  • Hurghada Museum
  • Sheraton Street
  • Downtown

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