Overseas for trading & managemet

Our History

Overseas for Trading & Management is a duty free international company. We have more than 20 branch in all the world. Hurghada Museum Mall is one of Overseas for Trading & Management projects in Egypt. We are located in Hurghada Museum Commercial Area. The Mall includes more than fourteen shops with brands from all the world. Our brands include Adidas, Nike,Carina, and more.. We also have sweats, acessories and souvenirs to make your shopping tour more luxury.

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Hurghada Museum mall by Overseas

Our Vision

Major Views

We are looking for being number one shopping mall in Hurghada, Red Sea in these five yeras. We are always intersted in our clients requirements to present high level of service to achieve their goals. Overseas also welcome in suggestions or any recommendations.

Hurghada Museum mall by Overseas

Our Mission

Our Aims

Overseas for Trading & Management is one the companies in Egypt which helps in building our economy and make the market of tourism more attractive. Many of tourists make shopping with us every year and have a wonderful feedback about company and Egypt.

Why Overseas

Our Way of Success

We bring to you all original brands and collection with prices you will never find it anywhere else. Our mall in Hurghada Museum Commercial Area is one of our three branches in Red Sea. We already exist in Hurghada International Airport and Marsa Allam International Airport.


Enjoy Original Products

If you are looking for original products like sports wear, shoes, etc. this is your destination


Clients Satisfaction

We have more than 18 yeras in business in Hurghada. We made our name to make our clients satisfied


Feel The Difference

When you make shopping with Overseas in hurghada Museum Mall, you will notice our quality of all products you have bought. Just try.